For 2 week disposable contact lens wearers, change your contact lenses on the 15th and 30th of each month. Think PayDay.

Even if you use a multipurpose cleaning solution, rub your contact lenses AT NIGHT in a back and forth motion for 5 seconds. Ready the directions on the bottle. Additional cleaning/rubbing IS RECOMMENDED.

Wear your contact lenses in for your eye examination appointment and follow up check ups, unless your eye is red and painful, so that we can evaluate the fit, power and health of your eyes with your current contact lenses. Do not change your contact lenses the day before you come in for your appointment. It’s like flossing before seeing the dentist.

Change your contact lens case every TWO MONTHS. Remember bacteria can grow on the outside and under the bottom of the case. Use a sharpie pen to mark the bottom of the case with the month to remind you how old your case is.

Remember to take your contact lenses off after dinner to give your eyes a rest in the evening.

On weekends do not put on your contact lenses as soon as you get up. Rest your eyes in the morning and put on your contact lenses before you go out.

Put your contact lenses on first before putting on your make up. This way you don’t get make up trapped under your lens.

Remove your contact lenses BEFORE your remove your make up.

During allergy season: Use more rewetting drops, take your contact lenses off sooner in the evenings and change your contact lenses more often if necessary. Also consider switching to Daily Disposable contact lenses during allergy season.