Never rest your eyeglasses face down on their lenses. Fold & close.

Always put on or take off your frames with two hands.

Keep glasses in their case when you’re not wearing them. If you need an extra case please ask our staff.

Reading glasses and computer glasses will focus best at one working distance.

Progressive (no-line) or line bifocal lens wearers should be careful when walking down steps or curbs. For the sharpest vision, turn your head and point your nose when looking at a distance. Lower your eyes, not your head, when reading or on the computer.

Nose pads that change color or turn green should be replaced. Replacement of nose pads can be done at anytime in our office without an appointment.

Never place your sunglasses or reading glasses down on a restaurant table. If you do, place your car keys or cell phone next to them.

Spray your lenses with the special eyeglasses cleaning spray.

Dry your lenses with the soft eyeglasses cleaning cloth. Do not use any paper products. Never use Kleenex.

Do not try to adjust bent glasses yourself. Please stop by the office at any time for an adjustment. We have special tools to adjust your glasses.